Case Study January 22, 2024
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Job tracking solutions: from Excel to excellence

A powerful dashboard to streamline job tracking, and free a UK-wide enterprise from spreadsheet hell.

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JH James Harcourt
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Max Taylor and James Harcourt

Key statistics

250+  Jobs per week
1500+  Emails sent per month

Slow and steady won’t win this race

Being involved with vehicle repairs, Storm Auto Services’ customers use a third-party portal to create job tickets. Within Storm, these get managed and processed, then customers receieve reports and certificates. This is where the problem lies. To track jobs, Storm used a combination of an Excel spreadsheet and time-consuming manual data entry. This solution works, but won’t scale.

Storm recognised several issues with their setup:

  • Manual data entry: Storm’s staff had to manually input data from the portal into a spreadsheet. This is slow and error-prone.
  • Report and certificate generation: After data entry, the team had to manually create reports and certificates, adding to the workload.
  • Communication delays: Manual processes result in delays. Customers have to wait for reports and certificates, which impact their satisfaction, as well as reducing operational efficiency!

Speeding up: streamlining to success

We collaborated with Storm to pinpoint their needs and outline success criteria, emphasising that the new system should create value where it counts. For instance:

  • Automated data retrieval: The system seamlessly integrates with the third-party portal, automating the retrieval of job-related data and eliminating the need for manual entry.
  • User-friendly dashboard: At Novatura, we love to show off an intuitive interface, allowing staff to read and make edits swiftly and accurately.
  • Automatic report and certificate generation: Upon job completion, the system automatically populates reports and certificates, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time.
  • Efficient client communication: The software streamlines the process of sending reports and certificates to clients, reducing communication delays and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Novatura dashboard design for job management at Storm Auto Services

Certainly, we find that value is created when meaningful data can be communicated with purpose and clarity. Even better if it happens quickly and without headaches!

Time to spare for a victory lap

No doubt a transformative solution for Storm Auto Services, we addressed specific operational challenges and significantly improved their efficiency. Instead of taking on extra employees to meet demand, Storm can re-invest in their own growth and focus on the rest of the to-do list!

Tortoise and the hare, if Novatura got involved and gave the tortoise a rocket

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